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Welcome to my Weblog February 6, 2008

Posted by John A. Davison in general.


I will present my views on a variety of subjects. Chief among them is my Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis and my paper published in Rivista di Biologia is now available here for further discussion.

You will notice that I do not use the usual format of constantly introducing new threads. I find that six threads serve to satisfy both my interests and my purposes. This format serves to be a sort of Journal, continuing to record what I hope will be my legacy as a scientist and citizen. Like Frank Sinatra –

“I did it my way.”

By scanning down this page you will find the topics with which I am most concerned. To see what is currently going on, go to Recent Comments which will direct you to which of the six threads are currently active. Enjoy and participate if the spirit moves you! My current policy requires registration which I have found useful in preventing undue harassment and meaningless spam.

I occasionally edit earlier messages to bring them up to date so it is a good idea to review recent messages for information about how they are being received.

I have strong convictions about internet communication so I will present them now. I have no respect for anonymous auhors unless there are sound reasons why they must remain unknown. Those reasons should be verified. All too often anonymity has proven to be license for vitriol and denigration. I further hope this blog can set a standard against which those blogs and forums that must ban their critics can be compared. We all know which blogs they are so I will not embarrass them and their sponsors by naming them. I will not delete any comment unless it is obscene or contributes nothing to the discussion. If I do respond, I will mention the author’s anonymity and ask why that should be necessary. I hope these conditions do not inhibit a free exchange of ideas which is the sole purpose of this weblog.

I have strong opinions on the subject of what has been called “global warming.” I regard the changes that are occurring on this planet as threatening our very existence as both a species and a civilization. I look forward to the opportunity to defend and promote that position.

I am also a great admirer of Albert Einstein and subscribe without reservation to his determinism –

“Everything is determined…by forces over which we have no control.”

As far as I can determine we are all victims in a determined, “prescribed” cosmic scenario. Some of us have been luckier than others.

I hope this brief introduction will serve to set the stage for what to expect from me on – “John A. Davison’s Weblog,” now renamed – “The Proceedings of the Natural History Society of South Burlington (Vermont).”

Please note that I have renamed this weblog –

“The Proceedings of the Natural History Society of South Burlington (Vermont).

It is based on the title of the journal in which Gregor Mendel published his 1868 paper –

“The Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Brunn (Austria).

Mendel realized that his paper would not be accepted in the leading botanical journals of his day so he wisely chose to publish it in a journal for which he was an editor. I am doing the same thing that Mendel did. From now on I too will publish my papers in the journal for which I am an editor. I am sick of having my science and that of my distinguished predecessors rejected out of hand by Editors and their hand picked Editorial boards all still swimming in the same atheist tank with Richard Dawkins, Paul Zachary Myers and every other of the thousands of Darwinian zealots with which evolutionary science is still so very impaired. Darwinism was dead on arrival in 1859. Only Darwinian mystics still imagine it wasn’t.

The following summary may help explain why I have this blog as it describes my terminal history at the University of Vermont. I resigned in December 2000 to continue my interest in the great mystery of organic evolution free of the atheist inspired Darwinian bias still is so prevalent in the halls of academe, especially here in the United States and Great Britain. This essay was presented on my old University webpage prior to my resignation. That webpage was subsequently frozen by the University Administration.


John A. Davison, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

In 1984 I published the first of a series of papers offering
a new hypothesis of organic evolution: “Semi-meiosis as an
Evolutionary Mechanism” appeared in the Journal of Theoretical
Biology. 1984 also happens to be the title of George Orwell’s
novel, the significance of which will soon become evident.

I have always enjoyed teaching Introductory Biology and that
experience has been instrumental in causing me to question the
neo-Darwinian view of the evolutionary process. After leaving the
staff of Biology 1 and 2, I introduced a new course designed expressly
for non-science majors: Zoology 8 (The Animal World). This course
proved to be popular and enjoyed enrollments of around 100 students.
The last two lectures were concerned with the mechanism of evolution,
and in those lectures I introduced the semi-meiotic hypothesis and
contrasted it with the neo-Darwinian view.

Sometime in the fall of 1991 the chairman called a secret meeting of
the tenured faculty at which he introduced a petition which served to
eliminate Zoology 8 from the departmental offerings. He then exited
the room leaving a majority of the faculty to sign the petition.
I knew nothing of this until the newspaper appeared and Zoology 8 was
missing. I was unable to have the course reinstated. As the course
was outside the departmental curriculum, this action was a clear
violation of not only my academic freedom but also that of those
students who had chosen to study with me.

After the chairman left the university, he was succeeded by
a member of the department who was a signatory to the Zoology 8
petition. At that time my salary became fixed and it has remained
so ever since. The new chair is also an Associate Dean of the
College of Arts and Sciences, a precedent which I regard as dangerous.
The chair also arbitrarily relieved me of my two advanced courses,
Biology 202 (Quantitative Biology) and Biology 255 (Comparative
Reproductive Biology). These courses were electives which had been
approved by the department and the Graduate College. I was able with
some difficulty to get these courses reinstated only to discover that
Biology 202 had been deleted from the catalog, resulting in an
enrollment of 3 in contrast to 30 the previous year. The chair
also capped the enrollment of Biology 255, an action I was able
to reverse by informing the registrar. The chair refused to take
responsibility for these actions. The chair introduced the hitherto
unknown practice of “peer review”, in which a colleague enters the
classroom unannounced and later reports his impressions to the chair.
The peer the chair chose to review me was a signatory of the Zoology 8
petition. You can imagine the rest! The chair also demanded of all
faculty that they surrender to her on two weeks’ notice copies of
course syllabi and examinations. I am happy to report that I refused
to comply. By now I hope you will have noted the identity of these
policies with those of the dystopian government of Orwell’s 1984:
the Thought Police, Big Brother is watching you, etc.

In October 1997 a new president was inaugurated at the University
of Vermont. Long before her arrival on campus I informed her of
all of the foregoing and more, all of which was fully documented.
I was confident that these policies would cease. I never received
any acknowledgement of my correspondence thus qualifying as
an Orwellian unperson.

I warned the new president that if I should receive a zero raise
for the fourth consecutive year, I would do everything in my power
to expose the policies of this administration to the intellectual
world. That unfortunately has now become necessary, and constitutes
the sole motivation for this memorandum. What we are witnessing here
is the enormous influence monolithic neo-Darwinism can have in at
least one state university.

Orthodoxy means not thinking — not needing
to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

— George Orwell, 1984

May 25, 2000

We are now well into the new millennium and my salary remains frozen
at the 1995 level. The department launched an inquiry (the Thought
Police) into what was being taught concerning the origin of life.
I happily supplied the pertinent material from my most recent effort,
An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis for Organic Change.
No action has as yet been taken but based on my experience, I must
anticipate the worst. My chairperson, Judith Van Houten, has denied
me the services of the departmental webmaster. Luckily, I was able
to find other help for the recent revision of the Manifesto. She
also felt it necessary to cancel my course code for the copy machine.
I registered a complaint and that has now been rectified.

Being by nature curious, I am interested in the reasons for this
special treatment. The following must be considered speculative
as I can only base my interpretations on my experience here at the
University of Vermont. It seems that chairpersons here are given
unbridled authority to deal with their faculty as they choose.
In Van Houten’s case she is also an Associate Dean in the College
of Arts and Sciences so she is in effect her own immediate superior!
This raises a serious question as to the function of the academic
hierarchy of Chair, Dean, Provost, President, the Board of Trustees
and the Governor who is ex officio a member of that board. Is there
really any need for this bureaucracy to exist? What is its function?

The issue resolves into a failure to understand what university life
is supposed to be all about. A university should foster freedom of
thought and make life as pleasant as possible for the faculty, the
students and the community it serves. The University of Vermont has
failed to implement those ideals. Quite the contrary, it has chosen
to treat its faculty as if they were employees. I am reminded of the
following anecdote. A few years before running for the presidency of
the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed president
of Columbia University. In his opening speech to the faculty
he addressed them as “the employees of Columbia University”.
A member of the faculty rose and interrupted him with the following:
“Mr. Eisenhower, we are not the employees of Columbia University.
We are Columbia University.”

Of course, to be perfectly objective about this I really cannot
place all the blame on Van Houten. It may well be that others in
the bureaucracy are responsible for the intolerance that has come to
prevail here. I can only say that, in my personal experience, it is
of relatively recent origin. In any event, if there really is some
sort of chain of command (I see no evidence that there is) then the
responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of each member of that
chain as follows: Joan Smith, Dean of the College of Arts and
Sciences; Geoffrey Gamble, Provost; Judith Ramaley, President; the
Board of Trustees; and Howard Dean, Governor of the State of Vermont.

It is painful for me to have to report that orthodoxy still reigns
supreme here at the University of Vermont. The people of this great
state deserve better from their educational servants.

John A. Davison

Today, a decade later, December 20, 2010, Joan Smith is no longer with us, Judith Van Houten is no longer Chair of the Department of Biology, the Provost, Geoffrey Gamble, resigned the same day I did to become President of Montana State University, Howard Dean is no longer Governor, Judith Ramaley has gone elsewhere but the University of Vermont remains, like most institutions of higher learning, what it has always been, intolerant to any departure from orthodoxy.



1. John A. Davison - January 9, 2012

So who will be next to lie about what we profess? Will it be Laurence A. Moran, Wesley Royce Elsberry, Clinton Richard Dawkins or Stuart Campbell? I say speak up now so I can expose you with your words. I predict a stony silence from each of you.

“Cowards do not count in battle. They are there but not in it.”

2. John A. Davison - January 9, 2012

Stuart Campbell just couldn’t resist the opportunity I just gave him with message 321 above.
Here is his email to me –

I can’t find your name here amongst all the emeritus faculty at UVm: http://www.uvm.edu/academics/catalogue2011-12/?Page=faculty/facultya-z.php&SM=facultymenu.html&type=emeritus&letter=D

Why is that? Conspiracy of Darwinists? Don’t think so. You didn’t qualify based on how you “left” UVm. So if you’re not emeritus, I guess it’s fraudulent to pretend that you are.

Does it matter that you are in fact a liar yourself and a complete fraud? Nope. Because you’re inconsequential, and you’re really only lying to yourself.


What Campbell doesn’t understand is that Emeritus status is conferred or not at the whim of the Chairperson who happens to be acting at the time of the faculty member’s retirement. That person, no longer Chairperson, was Judith Van Houten. At the time of my retirement Van Houten was also an Associate Dean of the College of Arts of Sciences in direct violation of academic protocal.

The College of Arts and Sciences does not even list their living Emeriti. They list only the current retirees. In contrast, the UVM Medical School, an entirely separate Admonistrative unit, lists every one of their living Emeriti.

I left the University in good standing. The University would have been insane to attempt to fire me. Furthermorre, I have been invited to attend dinners honoring Emeriti from the University of Vermont. The latter illustrates the hypocrisy and mendacity of Emeritus status at UVM.

Now who will be next to expose himself as Stuart Campbell just did? Will it be Wesley Royce Elsberry, Laurence A Moran or Clinton Richard Dawkins? I doubt it very much.

Thank you Stuart Campbell.

3. John A. Davison - January 14, 2012

The important “take home lesson” from the recent messages on this thread is that Paul Zachary Myers has no response to my crystalline demonstration that he is a liar. Myers, like every other Darwinian zealot I have encountered, continues their time honored tradition of ignoring their critics even as I have levied the most damning charge against him, that of being unable to tell the truth. I hope that those few who bother visiting this weblog understand the full significance of what we have made very clear to those interested in the great mystery of organic evolution. Darwinians are liars, as nearly as I can determine, every last one of them. Lying is not one of the seven deadly sins. It is far more significant than that. It strikes at the very heart of the Judeo/Christian ethic on which Western Civilization was built. Lying is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments!

“A doctrine which is unable to maintain itself in clear light, but only in the dark, will of necessity lose its effect on mankind with uncalculable harm to human progress.”
Albert Einstein

P.S. This message emailed to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism plus Stuart Campbell.

The above prompted an immediate knee jerk response from Stuart Campbell who, among other things, accused me of “hubris” because I quoted Albert Einstein. I plead guilty. I cannot imagine any person better qualified to comment on the pathetic state of the Darwinian fairy tale than a man who understood the hunan condition better than anyone else in history – Albert Einstein

My “hubris” is also very real. It is my supreme confidence that the only way true higher species were ever produced in the past or ever will be produced in future is through my semi-meiotic hypotheis (SMH).

“Good work is not done by humble men. Ambition has been the driving force behind nearly all the best work of the world.”
Godfrey Hardy

My secondary goal is the destruction once and for all of the most ridiculous proposition ever to pollute the annals of biological science.

4. John A. Davison - January 14, 2012

Here are the lies that every Darwinian must tell himself in order to sustain the atheist inspired Darwinian hoax.

Not only is there no God or Gods at present, there never were any. Accordingly he is forced to assume that it was intrinsic in the nature of non-living matter to self-assemble at least once into a living entity and, once assembled that entity also automatically “evolved” into every one of the trillions of true species that have inhabited this planet over the millions of years that define the fossil record. That any person could base his science on such an insane proposition boggles this investigator’s mind as it should every other observer of the present state of evolutionary science.

It is hard to believe isn’t it?

Not at all. It is a matter of record.

5. Dave - January 15, 2012

Yes, Myers is incapable of being truthful. He is the most weaselly one there is.

6. A. Davison - January 15, 2012

DaveScot aka David Springer I presume? Thanks for announcing yourself this time.

You are always welcome here especially if you have any suggestions about how to exterminate the Darwinian plague with which we still are all so hideously afflicted.

To bring you up to date, the only responses I have yet received from the Darwinista have come from Mr. Stuart Campbell, a graduate student at Cornell, arguably the most Darwinian institution this side of the Atlantic.

His latest salvo, just received, was to address me as “Johnny-go-intellectually-lightly” to which he added that I am “too scared to acknowledge his existence.” Isn’t that precious?

In any event Dave, you are always welcome to offer your input here and I hope you will participate. I am tired of waging a one man war against cowardly adversaries. I would be proud to have you as an ally once again.

“They can run but they can’t hide.”
Joe Louis

P.S. THis message emailed to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism plus Stuart Campbell.

7. John A. Davison - January 15, 2012

Hey Dave,

Send me an email. I have an offer you can’t refuse. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

8. John A. Davison - January 23, 2012

It seems that both the Darwinista and the Fundamentalista are content to attack only one another rather than recognize our science. We have rejected both ideologies as scientific wool gathering. Our science has only been recognized by Mr. Stuart Campbell, a graduate student at Cornell, the epicenter of Darwinism in the Western Hemisphere. He demonstrates an abysmal ignorance of both our Semi-meiotic hypothesis (SMH) and the Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis (PEH). Like Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago, Paul Zachary Myers, Wesley Royce Elsberry and William Dembski of Uncommon Descent, all that Campbell can do is insult us, treating us as mentally deficient and much worse. To pesonally attack an adversary is cowardice of the highest order, not different in any way from ignoring him.

The simple truth is that our several challenges to the Darwinian hoax fail to be recognized as real science because none of these opposed mindsets can overcome their congenital predispositions long enough to engage us in a real confrontation.. They are cowards to the man, employing despicable tactics, tactics which will come home to haunt them in the near future.

The real mystery is how Natural Selection, the sine qua non of atheist inspired Darwinism can be given any credibility whatsoever.

The tactics employed by each of these entrenched camps renders both of their opposed philosophies deeply flawed and utterly useless. Neither offers anything of substance to our understanding of the great mystery of the causes of organic evolution, the only matter which has ever been in question. That we have done and will continue to do no matter what tactics are employed by our adversaries.

We will continue to develop an understanding of those causes based on the real science presented by our distinguished predecessors and the findings of the fossil record and the experimental laboratory, not one feature of which will ever be reconciled with either Darwinian mysticism or religious fundamentalism.

“Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don’t have brains enough to be honest.”
Benjamin Franklin

9. John A. Davison - February 4, 2012

It has become transparent that I am considered to be of no consequence as an evolutionary scientist – that I am a meaningless diversion who contributes nothing of substance to our understanding of the great mystery of organic evolution. I no longer have any influence so I will cease trying to engage adversaries who pretend WE do not exist. I dismiss them all as spineless cowards.

From this time forth I will only continue to expose those who deny a planned phylogenesis as the cowardly, enemies of science they have proven to be.

This message is to establish that EVERY WORD I have ever offered to the scientific community was based on my certain convictions that there NEVER WAS a role for chance in either the development of the individual (ontogeny) or in the testimony of the fossil record (phylogeny).

I join with Leo Berg –

“Neither in the one nor in the other is there room for chance.”
Nomogenesis, page 134.

I have presented my alternative to Darwinian mysticism with my Semi-meiotic hypothesis (SMH) and the Prescribed evolutionary hypothesis (PEH). Both are fully developed on this weblog, in my book and in the peer reviewed literature. Our science can be found at the following link as well. This is where Bill Dembski has committed my evolutionary science to oblivion. Dembski has never recognized us any more than the Darwinians have.


“I have found you an argument. I am not obliged to find you an understanding.”
Samuel Johnson

“If you tell the truth, you can be certain, sooner or later, to be found out.”
Oscar Wilde

Enjoy your fantasies , both those of you who try to force their fantasies into atheist Darwinism – the Darwinista, and those who attempt to reconcile your convictions with a personal God – the Fundamentalista. Both camps are dead wrong.

This message sent to the big 4 of Darwinian mysticism plus Stuart Campbell.

10. John A. Davison - February 4, 2012

Do not attempt to communicate with me through my email as it is now down and probably will stay down. I am no longer interested in communication with hopeless ideologues of any persuasion. I am content with OUR science which I consider to be the ONLY conceivable mechanism by which speciation EVER took place. I am just as certain that creative evolution is a phenomenon of the distant past and will NEVER be resumed. So wrap your cowardly, pathetic minds around OUR science and enjoy YOUR last days as I enjoy mine.

I expect all adversaries to remain silent as they always have as both the Fundamentalista led by William Dembski and the Darwinista led by Richard Dawkins have now proven beyond any doubt that they are impotent to respond to real science as presented by real scientists.

If you have anything to say, offer it on this weblog. If it is virulent enough, I might let it appear!!

It doesn’t get any better than this.

11. John A. Davison - February 7, 2012

I extend my contempt to the intolerant blowhards at Real Climate as well. When a so-called Forum cannot accept dissent from its majority, it is no longer of any use to the eternal search for the unvarnished truth. They are no better than the Darwinista or the Fundamentalista..

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up himself up as judge in the field of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”
Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions, page 28

So I treat all you pathetic intolerant “closed shop” union organizations with equal contempt. OUR science will prevail without your recognition just as Gregor Mendel’s did and for the same reasons.

“Meine Zeit wird schon kommen!
Gregor Mendel

“No respect for authority whatsoever!”
Richard P. Feynman

“Every great advance in natural knolwledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.”
Thomas Henry Huxley


12. John A. Davison - February 10, 2012

While I am through trying to convince others of OUR science, I have one final confession to make before I abandon any further attempt to communicate with the other entrenched factions which continue to dominate the dialogue concerning the twin mysteries of ontogeny and phylogeny.

I was baptized a Roman Catholic late in life because I believe it is a powerful force for good now as in the past. The so-called Reformation spawned a number of sects which I feel do not represent the best interests of the Judeo-Christian ethic. Bigotry has become the hallmark of many of these offshoot sects. I remind others that there is a Pontifical Academy of Science. Where is there a Protestant Academy of Science?

As a scientist I cannot accept the divinity of Christ or any other human being. Jesus was a very real historical being whose life and death set a standard for human behavior that will never be matched.

I believe with Einstein that there is no immortal soul that persists after death.

Einstein accepted the historical Jesus and so do I.

“No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”
Alice Calaprice, The New Quotable Einstein, page 196

With this last confession I abandon any further attempt to communicate OUR science to others.

This message sent to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism plus Stuart Campbell.

I signed the message with –

“Enjoy your few remaing moments in the sun as I enjoy exposing you.”

13. John A. Davison - February 15, 2012

by John A. Davison

In 1940 Richard B. Goldschmidt published “The Material Basis of Evolution.” The text is in two parts, the first called “Microevolution” the second “Macroevolution”

The first, (Microevolution) section ends with this prophetic statement with which I agree completely. Just as Goldschmidt did, I present his words in italics for emphasis.

Subspecies are actually, therefore, neither incipient species nor models for the origin of species They are more or less diversified blind alleys within the species. The decisive step in evolution, the first step toward macroevolution, the step from one species to another, requires another another evolutionary method than that of sheer accumulation of micromutations. page 186.

!n 1984 I published my Semi-meiotic hypothesis in the Journal of Theoretical Biology “Semi-meiosis as an Evolutionary Mechanism,” J. Theor. Biol. 111: 725-735.

In that paper I identified the other “evolutionary method” that Goldschmidt had predicted. That method involves the stepwise production from the female hereditary lineage of new female species which can then replace their ancestral species with new species by interbreeding with the males of the ancestral species. Since 1984, I have further developed my thesis by providing the precise details on how this process took place in Northern Europe where Homo neanderthalensis must have been our immediate ancestor. Those details are spelled out in my book, “Unpublished Evolution Papers of John A. Davison’ (Lulu publishers) specifically in my essay “What Is Really Known About The Mechanism Of Organic Evolution?. page 177

The beauty of our thesis resides in the fact that it preserves what is required of any explanation for organic evolution. There are two such features that must be maintained by any credible explanation for speciation, the fundamental feature which any evolutionary hypothesis must satisfy. That thesis must involve reproductive continuity coupled with unambiguous and progressive change.

The origin of the higher taxonomic categories remain now as in the past shrouded in mystery.

P.S. This message was emailed to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism plus Stuart Campbell.

14. John A. Davison - February 18, 2012

Others will know when I am gone, when I am no longer leaving messages on this weblog. From the number of daily hits this blog receives, those “others” number on average with the fingers on my two hands!

In the meantime I leave you all with the thoughts of two real scientists.

“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.”
Thomas Henry Huxley

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment it’s wrong… No respect for authority whatsoever.”
Richard P. Feynman

15. John A. Davison - February 20, 2012

I sent the following email message to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism and Stuart Campbell.


Here is the “bottom line.”

Sexual reproduction and natural selection are impotent as devices for speciation. The ONLY way new species have ever been produced is from females of the ancestral species who semi-meiotically produced female offspring which WERE new species in a single cytogenetic step. These daughter females then interbred with males of the ancestral species to produce fertile hybrids. From then on Mendelian sexual production served to produce the new species in pure form. Typically this resulted in the extinction of the ancestral species. The races of man suggest that this reconstruction took place more than once and not necessarily from the same immediate hominid ancestor.

This is the ONLY way that can explain and satisfy the twin criteria required for ANY rational theory for creative evolution – reproductive continuity coupled with change.

This new hypothesis also satisfies the following from Richard B. Goldschmidt –

“The decisive step in evolution, the first step toward macroevolution, the step from from one species to another, requires another evolutionary method than the sheer accumulation of micromutations.”
The Material Basis of Evolution, page 183, (1940)

If you find this interpretation to be without merit, respond to this message and I will post your responses on my webpage.


16. John A. Davison - February 20, 2012

Below is the email response from Stuart Campbell.

Johnny is projecting again! Yay! The senile chew toy is back! Tell you what, why not send me an autographed copy of your book. I actually am interested in alternative theories (whether true or not) and would cherish it. Seriously.

P.S. “Illiterate fools rush in where cowardly ideologues fear to tread.”
John A. Davison

17. John A. Davison - February 21, 2012

Campbell doesn’t seem to understand that I offered him the opportunity to comment about our science ON MY WEBLOG, not by personal email. Furthermore, he is incapable of being civil so it is unlikely that he is willing to respond to my generous offer. As for the other four blowhards, they are simply cowards, terrified to confront our science in any medium. They just continue their time honored tradition of pretending that they have no credible critics. They have always had devastating critics but they are not only deaf as stones but blind as the proverbial bat to the world around them. They are paralyzed by a congenital atheism that renders them impotent and unfit to wear either the laboratory coat of the experimental scientist or the hiking shoes of the real naturalist. They are to be pitied but it won’t be by me!

18. John A. Davison - February 22, 2012

I just sent the following email to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism plus Stuart Campbell.
Gentlemen and your only visible representative – Stuart Campbell,

You just don’t get it.

Sexual reproduction is impotent as a means to produce species. It never did, does not now and never will be able to accomplish what your model for speciation demands.

Enjoy your few remaining days as I enjoy mine.

John A. Davison, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Vermont. L4 Grandview Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403

webpage jadavison.wordpress.com

19. John A. Davison - February 22, 2012

Below is a new exchange with Stuart Campbell.

Stuart Campbell

“Evolution : The Modern Synthesis” is the title of the book by Julian Huxley, a selectionist through and through. Read what Huxley had to say on page 571 about how evolution ceased long ago.

If you knew anything about my career you would know that I was primarily a bench scientist.

Your are wrong again about Mendel who wrote- “Meine Zeit wird schon Kommen!” And so will mine!

Thanks for everything!
—– Original Message —–
From: Stuart Campbell
To: john a davison ; Peter Borger
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: You just don’r get it

Johnny, you’re no Gregor Mendel.

(for one thing, he did experiments, for another, he was by all accounts a humble, non-ego driven real scientist. Moreover, since particulate inheritance provides the basis for understanding how allele frequencies change in SEXUALLY REPRODUCING taxa, I’m surprised you make that connection. Mendel = modern evolutionary synthesis).

On 2012-02-22 13:21, john a davison wrote:
How many fans did Gregor Mendel have? He had one huge enemy, Karl Nageli, who effectively muzzled Mendel for the rest of Mendel’s life and beyond.
—– Original Message —–
From: Stuart Campbell
To: john a davison ; Peter Borger
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: You just don’r get it

But I agreed with your statement. If you said the earth circled the sun, I’d agree with you too. But neither has much to do with disproving naturalistic evolution.

I always suspected that your statements about the “impotence” of sexual reproduction were a psychological projection. Now I see that your model of progressive extinction is similar. You’re just afraid of going EXTINCT

Isn’t he wonderful?

20. John A. Davison - February 24, 2012

Below is but a tiny fraction exhibiting the character of Stuart Campbell, the only Darwinian on the face of the planet to openly confront OUR science. The others are too cowardly and insecure.

P.S. This message sent to the non-synonymous (!) blowhard Johnny “Chew Toy” Davison, and two of the “Tiny Two” of anti-science , Terry “Orthodox Sasquatch” Trainor and Peter “Genes disprove evolution” Borger.


It gets much better than this!!

I will let others judge this man’s character, his motivation and his intellectual integrity.

21. John A. Davison - February 24, 2012

The most revealing feature of Stuart Campbell’s harangues against me and my allies is the fact that he copies his attacks only against his anti-Darwinian adversaries. He has no friends in the world of evolutionary science or he would be telling them what he is telling us. What a pathetic creature Stuart Campbell really is, all alone against the overwhelming evidence that natural selection never had anything whatsoever to do with creative evolution. He should be pitied but it will not be my me.

22. vmartin1 - February 25, 2012

Chasing the phantom of natural selection he probably thinks he is performing science. Stuart reminds me of Alan Fox. Probably there might be also some insecurity on his part if he is doing the right thing devoting his life to the case of Darwinism.

23. John A. Davison - February 28, 2012

Thank you Martin. Stuart Campbell is a hopeless case, a “true believer” in the most ridiculous proposition ever to find the printed page. He is also the ONLY “natural selectionist” stupid enough to confront us publicly. Campbell is even more obnoxious than Pee Zee Myers, who at least has the sense to keep his nasty mouth shut when he knows he is finished.

24. John A. Davison - February 28, 2012

Here below is the email I just sent to Stuart Campbell as well as to Larry Moran, Richard Dawkins and Wesley Elsberry with copies to Mary Daly, Terry Trainor, Martin Cadra and Peter Borger.

Listen up you nasty mouthed little ignoramus. My computer was down, I wasn’t! I know you don’t like to be called a Darwinian so I will call you what you can’t deny being – a natural selectionist, henceforth a NSist. You can’t get it through your thick atheist saturated skull that NS is now and always was very real but its only function has always been the same ; to preserve the status quo for as long as possible, a strategy that with very few exceptions ended with extinction. In other words, exactly as Leo Berg maintained in 1922 –

“The struggle for existence and natural selection are not progressive agencies, but being, on the contrary, conservative, maintain the standard.”
Nomogenesis, page 406

I am delighted to spread your garbage to friend and foe alike. You are the most miserable excuse for a scientist that I have ever known, a “true believer” in the most idiotic notion ever to see the light of the printed page.

I see, as usual, that you don’t share your venom with anyone except your adversaries. You are the most cowardly of all cowards and I have every intention of seeing to it that you will be remembered for what you have proven yourself to be – a homozygous loser. You are trash Stuart Campbell, vicious mindless trash and I am going to make you famous. You are young enough that you will see yourself in the same sinking ship with Dawkins, Myers, Moran and Elsberry. You are all “prescribed” losers, useless members of society doomed to oblivion, and permanent embarrassments to the search for Truth, nothing but forgotten footnotes in the history of science.

Now wrap your vicious little cortex around this message and suck on it it until you choke on it you pathetic excuse for a human being.

John A. Davison, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Vermont. L4 Grandview Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403

webpage jadavison.wordpress.com

25. John A. Davison - February 28, 2012

Here below is my latest response to Stuart Campbell and the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism.

My pleasure and this is directed to all five of you.

WE have “discovered” the ONLY means by which speciation ever took place, by the production of new female species through semi-meiosis as I first proposed in 1984. In order to preserve reproductive continuity (evolution with change), we have further insisted that those new female species MUST have interbred with the males of the ancestral species to produce hybrids. Then and only then can bisexual (Mendelian) reproduction begin to act to stabilize the new species and typically eliminate the immediate ancestor. WE insist that is exactly how Homo sapiens originated in Europe and nothing you or anyone else can say will dissuade US from OUR explanation for speciation. This is not subject to either discussion or debate, so none of you even dream of trying to engage me because you will be wasting both your time and mine.

Furthermore, there is not a shred of evidence that speciation is any longer in progress. We have reached the climax of a Planned phylogenesis in which chance has played no role whatsoever. If it ever resumes it will be as WE have proposed, a possibility I doubt will ever take place.

Your collective, godless philosophy has completely destroyed your credibility as students of the twin mysteries of ontogeny and phylogeny.

“Neither in the one nor in the other is there room for chance.”
Leo Berg, Nomogenesis, page 134

Your most arrogant representative, Paul Zachary Myers, has made your shared philosophy perfectly clear with every day’s edition of hate speech –

“Random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.”

—– Original Message —–
From: Stuart Campbell
To: john a davison
Cc: Peter Borger ; Martin Cadra ; Mary Daly ; Terry Trainor
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 3:23 PM
Subject: Re: scientists don’t debate, they discover.

you seem to misunderstand science. your record therefore makes sense in this light – how COULD you produce papers and scientific output when you don’t understand it? Poor soul. that said, what have you discovered??? NOTHING. tell me: what do you THINK you have discovered?


P.S. Asking for a “civil” response from people you refer to as “aimless degenerates” is pretty funny!
P.P.S. I can feel myself getting sunburned from all this exposure, but I sure am enjoying it!

With this message I end all further correspondence with Stuart Campbell or any of the other 4 supporters of the biggest hoax in the history of science.

26. John A. Davison - February 28, 2012

I have just erased all of my prior email messages as well as all stored messages and have nothing more to say to anyone about OUR science. History will prove that WE were right just as history proved Mendel’s genetics were right. Unfortunately, Mendel’s bisexual genetics never had anything to do with the twin mysteries of phylogeny and ontogeny. The only role for sexual reproduction, which was invented many times during the history of life on this planet, was always the same. It was to bring evolution to a screeching halt.

27. John A. Davison - March 15, 2012

I am very proud of the standard that this weblog has maintained over the years. I have “moderated” no one. The ONLY requirement to post here is to fully identify yourself with your real name and present your views in civil fashion. Very few have met that standard. The question that should be asked is – how many other so called “forums” can meet those standards? Can Pharyngula, Panda’s Thumb, After The Bar Closes, Uncommon Descent, Real Climate, Sandwalk, Scientopia, EvC make the same claim? Can any other weblog? Not that I am aware of.

28. John A. Davison - March 22, 2012

I live to pester trash like “natural selectionist” intoxicated losers like the Big Five of Darwinian mysticism and their only vocal representative, Stuart “mad dog” Campbell. With the help of some of the most distinguished scientists of the post Darwin era, WE have replaced the Darwinian hoax with the Semi-meiotic hypothesis (SMH) for speciation, the only conceivable explanation for a “prescribed evolutionary” sequence (PEH). There is no place for atheism in the biological world in which we find ourselves. Only “born that way” atheists would imagine such a proposition, atheists like William Provine, Pee Zee Myers, Richard Dawkins, Wesley Elsberry, Larry Moran and of course Stuart Campbell the only one stupid enough to broadcast that he is one. They are all going to have their hands full reconciling their congenital atheism with a phylogenesis that most certainly was planned eons ago and is now finished.

Mandatory reading “BORN THAT WAY” by William Wright.


Above is the message I just sent to the email contact addresses provided by Stuart Campbell, William Provine, Pee Zee Myers, Larry Moran, Wesley Elsberry and Richard Dawkins. It was prompted by more insults from Stuart Campbell in which he called me a bigot and told me to go away. I have no intenton of going away until Mother Nature puts that into effect. I will expose the most absurd proposal ever to see hard copy as well as al those weak minded enough to believe it for so long as I breathe.

Edit added March 24, 2012

Not a peep out of any of them, except for Campbell whose abuse will not appear. This is a civil website.

29. John A. Davison - March 24, 2012

By pretending, as they always have, that we do not exist, the Darwinista continue successfully to prevent evolutionary science from being recognized. I take this opportunity to congratatulate them on their success. For example, as I continue to expose them, the number of visits to this website steadily declines. Yesterday, we had only three visitors and today only three so far.

Perhaps I should shut up and encourage them to declare victory? Not a chance! Their failure to respond to our challenges has become the albatross which will strangle them even without another word from us. That is reward enough.

“If you tell the truth, you can be certain, sooner or later, to be found out.”
Oscar Wilde

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”
Walter Lippmann

“Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don’t have brains enough to be honest.”
Benjamin Franklin

The above message was sent to the contact email addresses provided by the “Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism” plus, of course Stuart “mad dog” Campbell, their most rabid representative.

30. John A. Davison - March 26, 2012


To understand the length to which Stuart “Mad Dog” Campbell feels compelled to go, be sure to read his appraisal of my book, a book he has never read. We can be equally certain that none of the “Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism” have read it either. You see the Darwinista already know the mechanism of speciation and phylogenesis generally, so now they read only one another, those hundreds of books none of which have anything to do with the central issue of organic evolution – speciation, a process apparently no longer in progress.

“I never desire to communicate with a man who has written more than he has read.”
Samuel Johnson

That sounds a lot like Richard Dawkins doesn’t it.

It doesn’t get any better than this

This message sent to the email contacts provided by the “Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism” plus Stuart Campbell.

31. John A. Davison - March 27, 2012

Here below is my latest email exchange with Stuart Campbell. I forwarded it to the Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism plus Campbell.

Here is your hero Stuart Campbell, the only one of you stupid enough to defy OUR science with insults. Since he refuses to share his opinion of US with the rest of you, I will do it for him.

Enjoy your only champion for what he is, an illiterate product of Cornell, the Mecca of Darwinian damn foolishness on this side of the pond.
—– Original Message —–
From: Stuart Campbell
To: john a davison
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 4:25 PM
Subject: Re:

Absolutely what, exactly?

First, you’re not a plural. You can’t refer to dead people as your entourage. You’re one person. Inventing supporters is lame and delusional.

Second, you have no scientific evidence for planned evolution that I have ever seen.

Finally, I assume you haevn’t left your house in ages, so calling anyone armchair scientists is really lame and hypocritical. You’re just a pretend scientist. You say you’re a physiologist and a “bench scientist”, but you’re a sham – you produced only a few papers over your entire career and they amount to very little.


P.S. Yes, I do know you respond to insults. You’re a sad old man, and I help you out b/c if I lost my marbles, I’d want some intellectual stimulation too. So I offer some mild insult (not hard given how quacky you are) to give you what you want. And with the hope that recovery is still an option for you.

On 2012-03-27 15:59, john a davison wrote:
Absolutely! You are the only “natural selectionist” stupid enough to insult US. I respond to insults. The Big 5 give me nothing to which I can respond. But you do you illiterate little worm. A Planned universe IS NOT a product of the imagination. It is evident in every aspect of the fossil record which has demonstrated a progressive loss of creative potential until today even speciation has ceased.

What you call evolutionary biology is hog wash, armchair fantasy preserved by sedentary mystics all glued to their endowed chairs in some of our otherwise most significant academic institutions. Academia has always attracted rabid atheists like meat attracts flies, Cornell, Oxford and Harvard being perfect examples.

“Aren’t our plants, our animals lacking some mechanisms which were present in the early flora and fauna?”
Pierre Grasse, Evolution of Living Organisms, page 71
—– Original Message —–
From: Stuart Campbell
To: john a davison ; Peter Borger ; Terry Trainor
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 3:21 PM
Subject: Re:

actually, I have repeatedly to change the subject – to real topics in evolutionary biology. Instead, it is you that harps on continuously in one long bigoted (anti-atheist) rant. I on the other hand, am not against religious belief per se, but just against distorting science or being .

So, maybe you should be the one to take heed to Churchill’s statement.

Second, you suggest I cannot “imagine” a planned evolutionary scenario. Thank you for finally acknowledging that it is solely a product of imagination. (Moreover, I actually can imagine such a prescribed evolution – but I can also imagine unicorns, sasquatches, alternate universes, being taller…I can imagine lots of untrue things. But I tend not to allow my imagination wander too far from facts. Maybe you should take heed to that as well).


P.S. five emails to me in a few hours, all begging me to talk to you….?

On 2012-03-27 12:11, john a davison wrote:

You fulfill to perfection Winston Churchill’s definition of a fanatic – “One who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

John A. Davison, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Vermont. L4 Grandview Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403

32. John A. Davison - March 27, 2012

Campbell is a real glutton for punishment. Now I’m trying to goad him into some more of his rabid tirades. It is great sport. The sad thing is that I am the only one willing to take on these creeps. That will make OUR conquest all the more significant.

33. John A. Davison - March 28, 2012

Here below is my latest exchange with Stuart “mad dog” Campbell. He has yet to respond to my latest challenge.

I take it then that you believe that dead scientists were not important in the history of science? Do I have that right Mr. Campbell; people now all long dead like Otto Schindewolf, Robert Broom, Richard B. Goldschmidt, William Bateson, Leo Berg, Pierre Grasse, St George Mivart, Henry Fairfield Osborn, M.J.D. White, the list goes on and on? How about Galileo, the father of experimental science. Is he no longer of importance also? Does your version of evolutionary science depend only on the current crop of extant natural selectionists? So it seems to this investigator.

The most revealing aspect of your most recent response is “I’m not anxious to know who you all are.” (I corrected your ill composed statement for you). Well Mr. Campbell, you know who WE are now and so will the Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism to whom I send this exchange.
—– Original Message —–
From: Stuart Campbell
To: john a davison
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 10:16 PM
Subject: Re:

i’m not anxious to know you you all are. Just need to point out to you that you’re not plural, and claiming support from dead people is really, really weak. you may be a dwarf, but you’re a blind one.

as for the rest of your emails – one word: desperate.


On 2012-03-27 21:00, john a davison wrote:
Stuart “mad dog” Campbell

Since you are so anxious to know who WE are, here they are- Robert Broom, William Bateson, Leo Berg , Pierre Grasse Richard B. Goldschmidt and Otto Schindewolf. If you had bothered to read my Manifesto you would already now that. As for myself, I am the glue that put it all together in a new thesis which provides the real mechanism for organic evolution – namely, the cytogenetic events associated with the first meiotic division a reality you have claimed doesn’t even exist! I have never claimed to be alone in OUR science. Quite the contrary, I could never have been able to solve this riddle without my predecessors. every one of whom totally rejected Darwinism and its basis, natural selection. As a matter of fact, I characterized my role in this revolution by quoting Robert Burton, a contemporary of William Shakespeare.

“A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself.”

I am that dwarf and never claimed to be anything else.

You would know all this also if you were able to comprehend what WE have accomplished. You cannot comprehend our science because you are an intellectual bigot, a helpless fanatic impotent and unfit to wear the mantle of scientist. So are every one of the Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism. You are all “born to lose,” “prescribed” losers.

Now respond to this message so I can share it with all those others you are afraid to send copies to. I will be happy to do that for you as I have in the past.

John A. Davison, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Vermont. L4 Grandview Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403

P.S. This messge was forwarded to the “Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism” plus Stuart Campbell.

34. John A. Davison - March 30, 2012

Here below is my latest and terminal message to the Big 5 of Darwinian mysticism and Stuart Campbell. I really have nothing more to say to any of them.

Excuse my typo. That should be Richard B. Goldschnmidt.

Original Message –
From: john a davison
To: Richard Dawkins ; Thecrew ; Paul Z. Myers ; larry moran ; Will Provine ; Staurt Campbell
Cc: Terry Trainor ; Peter Borger
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 10:18 PM
Subject: silence


It seems that Stuart Campbell has joined the rest of you by deciding to be silent towards us. Let me remind you all who we are. In addition to myself we are Robert Broom, Richard B. Bateson, William Bateson, Pierre Grasse, Leo S. Berg and Otto Schindewolf. These are the scientists to whom I dedicated my Manifesto. That dedication included the following adage from Thomas Carlyle –

“No sadder proof can be given by a man of his own littleness than disbelief in great men.”

Enjoy your silence as I enjoy reminding you what your silence means.

John A. Davison, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Vermont. L4 Grandview Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403

webpage jadavison.wordpress.com

35. John A. Davison - April 1, 2012

My physical condition has seriously worsened. Accordingly I am entering the hospital April 2. You may not hear from me again.

36. John A. Davison - April 15, 2012

I am now resting in Birchwood Manor in Burlington, VT. I have prostate cancer and I’m being treated for it. I have no idea what the future holds. If anyone wants to reach
me, my number here is 802-846-0141. Please call before 9 pm. I’m unable to use email at this time.

37. bobohara - April 16, 2012

John, the best of luck – I hope you recover, and return to full health.

38. John A. Davison - April 18, 2012

I hope to resume activity here soon,
so stay tuned.

39. Terry J Trainor - April 19, 2012

May God Bless you, John.
I know you don’t believe that God intervenes into the present lives of men –
But I am praying that he does so, touches you, and brings healing to you.

40. vmartin1 - April 22, 2012

Finally. Nice to hear from you John.

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