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Why banishment? January 23, 2008

Posted by John A. Davison in general.

Since I have not yet had to banish anyone from participation here, I have been thinking about why so many blogs and forum heads insist on banishing their adversaries. Pharyngula, Uncommon Descent, Panda’s Thumb and many other blogs and forums ban comments from adversaries and often erect barriers making it very difficult to register. P.Z. Myers of Pharyngula periodically complains about how his “security has been penetrated,” sounding more and more like Captain Queeg of the Caine Mutiny. He has another revealing tactic. He will allow comments to be sent from anyone but only he decides which will ever appear. None of mine have. I had to resort to subterfuge to comment on his blog only to see my comments disappear within minutes.

DaveScot/David Springer of Uncommon Descent lets dissenters speak only then typically to dismiss their author with “___ is no longer with us” or “you’re outta here Homo” or some other equally charming farewell. Then if things get dull he may let them back in again so he can enjoy expelling them for a second and in my case a third time. My first banishment from Uncommon Descent consisted of being unable to reregister. I  have no idea who was responsible for that one. Most probably it was Dembski. Of course banishment remains the responsibility of the blog owner or owners.

ARN and RichardDawkins.net have not only banished me but denied me viewing their proceedings from this computer.

Why do so many blogs and forums  find it necessary to engage in such tactics? That is the subject of this thread. What does this mean? What does it accomplish?  How can one properly respond to a critic if he cannot continue the dialogue to some sort of conclusion? Doesn’t it just promote resentment? Thankfully I have not yet had to delete a single comment or ban any user from this blog. Of course that may change. I look forward to the views of others on what I regard, with anonymity, as a very important issue. In the meantime –

“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the spider to the fly;
T’is the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy.”

Mary Howitt



1. John A. Davison - June 7, 2011

Paul Zachary Myers continues to hide his peer reviewed publications, leading some to question if he even has any. If anyone is interested, my peer reviewed papers up to the year 2000 can be found at


following which I resigned from the University of Vermont. Papers published after that date are avalable here on my weblog. A published curriculum vitae should be part of every University Professor’s credentials.

Just as we ask Obama –

“Where is your birth certificate,” we now ask Myers –

“Where are your credentials as a scientist?”

Why must you hide them? Are you ashamed of your scholarship? So it seems to this investigator.

P.S. This message emailed to the usual suspects with copies to others.

2. John A. Davison - June 26, 2011


Once again we see Paul Zachary Myers instructing his flock to do what they can to influence a poll. The man has no moral compass whatsoever.

3. John A. Davison - July 8, 2011


Here we see Myers doing his best to denigrate Michelle Bachmann for making some very interesting observations supporting traditional marriage. Pee Zee Myers and his hundreds of pseudonymous, cowardly disciples are just as dedicated to the destruction of the Republic as is the present occupant of the Oval Office. Bachmann has obviously reached these creeps and I thank her for her courage.

4. John A. Davison - July 12, 2011


Visit this miserable excuse for a website to see how impossible it is to communicate with idiots. I am through trying to reason with anyone as it is quite impossible.

5. John A. Davison - July 20, 2011

I just left the following message on the weblog run by Pee Zee’s daughter Skatje.


It will be interesting to see if she lets it stand.

There is no place in science for philosophy as Einstein made very apparent. That is why it is absurd to introduce it. The most ridiculous attempts are by those who try to prove that there is no God and never was one when science has made it obvious (to some of us) that there must have been (past tense) one or more Gods for us to be here.

Godless atheism is a distraction which tells us nothing about the great mystery of organic evolution. None of my sources were either atheist or religious fanatics and neither am I. When God or Gods are rejected as all Darwinians must do, they have removed themselves from the world of science.

That initial rejection produced Darwin’s celebrated “Natural Selection” as the mechanism for organic evolution. The result was 152 years of mass hysteria which continues unabated today.

Natural selection has always been anti-evolutionary in nature, serving to prevent progressive change for as long as possible, a strategy which has with few exceptions produced extinction. Without extinction, evolution could never have taken place. It is not only a vacuum that nature abhors. She abhors change of any kind and always has. That is why evolution has taken so long to reach its final goal.

All present evidence pleads that organic evolution is now finished with the present biota which, like all earlier ones, is also doomed to mass extinction. That is the substance of our position and I don’t expect or even desire to have anyone else agree with us. We expect to prevail on the strength of evidence alone, the way that all scientific progress has always been made.

Our position is clear. Evolution (phylogeny) like development (ontogeny) was self contained and planned in advance by an unknown number of programmers whose presence can no longer be recognized.

There is now and never was any role for philosophy or religion in the scientific process and those who try to make those matters an issue are fools.

“A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonstrable.”


“Upon reading books on philosophy, I learned that I stood there like a blind man in front of a painting. I can only grasp the inductive method… the works of speculative philosophy are beyond my reach.”
Alice Calaprice, The New Quotable Einstein, page 193.

P.S. As you can see, it was a waste of my time. Skatje Myers’ website is just one more unregulated, undisciplined flame pit.

6. John A. Davison - July 22, 2011

Any website which condones, encourages and allows commentary from pseudonymous sources should be shunned by any serious observer of the contemporary world. Such venues contibute nothing of value to society. Quite the contrary, they promote treachery, deception and anarchy. I have left that message wherever I could only to be vilified by the same elements I have exposed. What sort of human being is it who imagines that he has insulted a named adversary when he denies that person a response? I will answer that question. Such an individual is porcine and those who promote such types are ovine. As long as such venues continue in such a degenerate tradition, they contribute absolutely nothing to our understanding. They deserve our sustained loathing which we are delighted to provide. As near as I can tell, this website is the only one which has ever expected its users to reveal their identity.

“Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don’t have brains enough to be honest.”
Benjamin Franklin

7. John A. Davison - July 26, 2011

Here below is a message I just left at Skatje Myers’ blog (see message 845)

John A.Davison
July 26th, 2011 at 6:10 pm
Thank you Skatje for at least letting my messages remain. Apparently you have adopted the same strategy as that employed by Laurence A. “Larry” Moran. He allowed me to hold forth with several messages devastating to the Darwinian model and responded to not a single one. Unlike Ali who absorbed the abuse being dealt by George Foreman, a tactic which came to be called “rope-a-dope,” Moran, paralyzed with fear was unable to deal a single blow in response. Ali prevailed. Larry Moran, Clinton Richard Dawkins, Paul Zachary Myers and Wesley Royce Elsberry have all reacted the same way, pretending that they never had credible critics, living in a cloud of ideological fantasy, unable to defend the most absurd notion in the history of science. Such has been the history of evolutionary science from 1859 to this very day. The difference today is that their paralysis has become widely recognized. The atheist philosophy which all Darwinists hold has become an albatross which is strangling their pathetic efforts to subdue their many critics. They are now impotent and helpless, victims of their own congenital predispositions to be perfect losers.

Their armor has become their casket.

“A man in armor is his armor’s slave.”
Robert Browning

P.S. emailed to the usual suspects in a vain attempt to elicit recognition that we exist. The Darwinista constitutes the largest collection of intellectual cowards that ever existed. And the Fundamentalista are no better, just as intolerant, just as monolithic, just as cowardly.

“Let my enemies devour each other.”
Salvador Dali


8. John A. Davison - July 27, 2011

I just left this one there as well.

John A.Davison
July 27th, 2011 at 4:45 pm
solenadon has a particular affection for me shared by many others, all without exception cowardly, pseudonymous nothings with neither credentials as scientists nor the integrity one expects from any adversary. The internet teems with trash like solenadon. Those who encourage their venom are no better than they are. Skatje should castigate them at the very least.

I congratulated skatje for being a cut above her father and every other Darwinian from whose empire we have been excluded. I take that as a sign of progress.

While I am old, I am not pathetic. I am a warrior for Truth and always have been. Like my many sources on whose science mine depends, I too have paid the same price they did. Little has changed in the century and a half since godless Darwinism descended over Western Civilization to stifle inquiry into the twin mysteries of ontogeny and phylogeny. We several real scientists will prevail over the forces of evil and intolerance which the Darwinian mindset has always represented. That mindset has actually grown stronger over the six generations since Darwin started this hideous misunderstanding. Monolithic Darwinism has become settled science and can no longer be questioned. That does not mean it has merit. Darwin’s fantasy failed at the onset as his own Geology Professor, Adam Sedgwick, was quick to remind him.

I have reviewed this century and a half long history in my book “Unpublished Evolution Papers of John A. Davison” (Lulu Publishers), a book both the “Darwinista” and the “Fundamentalista” are terrified even to mention.

The present state of evolutionary science is pathetic as two opposed factions attack one another oblivious to the reality that neither faction has a leg to stand on and never did have.

“Let my enemies devour each other.”
Salvador Dali

I assume that Skatje will allow this message to stand as well. That is all I have ever expected from any venue, all that is necessary, which is to leave a record that we were here.

“If you tell the truth, you can be certain, sooner or later, to be found out.”
Oscar Wilde

9. John A. Davison - July 27, 2011

What is especially rewarding is the way my many supporters flock to those blogs where I speak to support me. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

10. John A. Davison - July 28, 2011


I am still allowed to comment here if anyone cares. Skatje Myers is far more tolerant than her father.
Here is my latest message to appear there –

John A.Davison
July 28th, 2011 at 9:26 pm
Is it venomous to use your real name? What is venomous is to attack those whose name is known while hiding your own. That is more than venomous. That is cowardice personified and all those who use that method are to be treated with the utmost contempt. I don’t tolerate that sort of subhuman behavior on my blog and have little respect for venues that permit it. Nevertheless, Skatje is a damn sight more tolerant than her father. You want venom? Visit his “Dungeon” his “Hate File” to discover how he treats those who do not share his convictions. Be called a wanker and insipid and much worse. Anyone who thinks I am insipid has made a terrible mistake.

The simple truth is that no known adversary at the present time wants to call attention to John A. Davison, his blog or his book because they are terrified of the material they will find there. That includes Larry Moran, Pee Zee Myers, Wesley Elsberry and above all Richard Dawkins a man who has lived in a fantasy world his entire adult life.

Moran has let my comments pile up without a single response and it seems that Skatje is using the same strategy. That suits me fine. As for Elsberry, Myers and Dawkins, I am no longer allowed to comment on their closed union shops. They have become my mortal enemies. So far they have been able to muzzle me pretty effectively but not for much longer.

It is their shabby minions (Pee Zee’s term) like solanedon, Svlad Cjelli and every other pseudonymous coward that act on their behalf. The Principals and that includes William Dembski and the Discovery Institute (A Christian Institution) are terrified of me and especially my sources because we have rejected and exposed them all. There is no place for a personal God in science and never has been and no scientist of note would ever be so far out of touch with reality as to embrace atheism. Darwinians are not scientists and never have been and that includes Darwin himself. Scientists test their hypotheses and Darwinism doesn’t even qualify.

Thanks Skatje for allowing me to rant. It means the world to me.

P.S. The above message also emailed to the “Big Four,” Paul Zachary Myers, Wesley Royce Elsberry, Clinton Richard Dawkins and Laurence A. “Larry” Moran.

11. John A. Davison - July 29, 2011

More from Skatje’s blog:

John A. Davison
July 29th, 2011 at 1:57 pm
Wrong again solenadon, whoever you are and I’m sure I will never find out.

I do not complain and never have. I have congratulated Skatje on her tolerance. I have lost no argument because Darwinians do not argue. They already know the mechanism by which evolution took (past tense) place. Their little world is secure as it always has been. They have no critics and never have had. Their denial is their epitaph. I enjoy watching the inevitable take place. It gives me pleasure.

As I used to say over at EvC until Percy, whoever that is, couldn’t take it any more and banished me, hopefully for life –

Who is next?

Surely there are others anxious to insult me from behind the shield of pseudonomy.

Here is your chance. Don’t waste this golden opportunity which Skatje offers you but avoids herself. I wonder why? Could it be because she uses her real name and realizes the danger of joining with those relatively few real persons who have openly insulted us? I count them on the fingers of one hand as you will discover if you read my “Essay on Abuse.”

Incidentally, if anyone has the courage to identify solenadon, or any other of Pee Zee’s “minions” like PeeZeePolice, email me so I can expose them as I have every other adversary whose identity I have discovered.

In the meantime, I recommend my “Essay on abuse” which you can find by pressing the New Essays button on my introductory page. Whatever you do, do not buy my book because that will open a Pandora’s Box of troubles for the Darwinista and the Fundamentalista alike. Once that Genie is out of the bottle it will never be confined again.

Who is next?


P.S. I also sent this on to the usual suspects and others.

12. John A. Davison - July 29, 2011

Here is the latest from Skatje Myers’ blog.

John A. Davison
July 30th, 2011 at 2:48 am
Well come on. Let’s hear from some more phony little blowhards anxious to belittle a real scientist. You aren’t going to hear any more from richarddawkins.net, Phayungula, Panda’s Thumb, After The Bar Closes, EvC, Sandwalk, Uncommon Descent or hardly any other internet venue. The word is out. Davison is verboten, kaput, not to be mentioned. Pee Zee Myers disposed of him long ago when he put him in his “Dungeon” accusing him of wanking and insipidity. Bob O’Hara destroyed him by calling him a “chew toy.” Mark Chu-Carroll eliminated Davison by calling him a lying f**king dumbass and more. Dembski had DaveScot proclaim that Davison was “nuts.”

The simple truth is that it is my adversaries that have become my “chew toys” and have been for a long time. We have chewed them up, digested them, and exposed them with their own deeds and words as a bunch of egomaniacal, insecure, cowardly, ideologically hamstrung charlatans unfit to wear the mantle of scientist.

It doesn’t get any better the this.


13. John A. Davison - July 31, 2011

Attention, as I will now demonstrate beyond any doubt that our adversaries are terrified of us and will go to great lengths to muzzle us.

Go to Message #831 on this thread where you will find a link to the responses to Larry Moran’s “Birthday” message in which he celebrates his 65th birthday. Larry was born May 13, 1946. Poke that link and you will find the terminal 6 messages, all from me, in which I present our thesis, lethal to the Darwinian model and all unanswered by Larry Moran or anyone else.

It doesn’t end there. Now go to Moran’s May, 2011 Archives and try to find that May 13 “Birthday” message. It doesn’t exist. He has deleted it from the May Archives of Sandwalk.

Need I say more?

It is hard to believe isn’t it?

Not any longer it isn’t!

It doesn’t get any better than this.

I love it so!

This message emailed to the “Big 4” with copies to others.

14. John A. Davison - August 2, 2011


Visit this litte flame pit which I managed to expose as just one more venue for sociopaths to give free reign to their vitriol. I ended up joining them!

“When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

I repeat that no internet so-called “Forum” should accept comments from unidentified participants. That is a sure fire formula for failure. They nearly all do. This one doesn’t and never will!

Edit added August 4, 2011.

I am still allowed to speak on the above blog. If you are interested, tune in to see how firmly established the atheist Darwinian faction still remains a century and a half after its birth.

It is hard to believe isn’t it?

I love it so!

15. John A. Davison - August 2, 2011


Guess what folks. Larry Moran has reinstated his “Birthday” thread into his May Archives. What a loser Moran has proven himself to be! So go read how he refused to respond to six comments in a row from me, all devastating to his precious Natural Selection, a process which only prevented evolutionary progress and never had anything else to do with what we see in the fossil record and the living world in which we find ourselves.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

P.S. This message also emailed to the “Big 4” of Darwinian pseudoscience.

16. John A. Davison - August 5, 2011


I continue to hold forth at the above flame pit without any support from any quarter.

“The strongest man on earth is he who stands alone.”
Henrik Ibsen

That has a nice ring to it!

P.S. August 6, 2011
Woops! I am wrong. Martin Cadra just showed up to support me. Thank you Martin. I wish there were more like yourself, aware of the failure of Darwinian mysticism and courageous enough to say so.

I predict they will now turn on Martin. Stay tuned in and find out.

17. John A. Davison - August 7, 2011

The many so called “forums” that litter the internet landscape succeed by virtue of a single characteristic which they nearly all share. That is their tolerance and encouragement of contributors who must hide their identity. Without those legions of degenerate mindless sheep, those that Pee Zee Myers calls his “minions,” his blog and all others like his would collapse in a millisecond. Internet communication is a monumental joke, a crime against civil discourse, and little more than a venue for insecure, power crazed egomaniacs and the like minded clientele they automatically attract. The more hits they get per day, the more disgusting they reveal themselves and their leaders to be.

The above message emailed to the “Big Four.”

In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep.”
Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions, page 28

18. John A. Davison - August 7, 2011

Is there any action more cowardly than to attack a named adversary from behind the shield of anonymity? I say there is none. That is the bottom of the ethical, cultural and moral barrel. Yet that is exactly a universal characteristic of the vast majority of internet venues. Led by insecure unprincipled egomaniacs and manned by sheep, they go on and on digging themselves further into the hole that all such types insist on preparing for themselves.

That style will never be tolerated here and I don’t care if not a single person ever visits this website again.

Got that? Write that down!

This message emailed to the “Big Four of Darwinian mysticism.”

19. John A. Davison - August 8, 2011

You have no idea how much I am enjoyng myself doing what I have always done best, destroying vulnerable propositions with simple unvarnished Truth.

“It is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatsoever for supposing it to be true.
Bertrand Russell

I sent this along to the “Big 4” just to remind them that I am still extant.

20. John A. Davison - August 9, 2011


I recommend a periodic visit to this website to witness the depths to which the Darwinian myth can lower human dignity into what can only be described as intellectual squalor. The leader of this dog and pony show, is no less than Wesley Royce Elsberry, one of the “Big Four” targets of my utter disdain. Pay special attention to “the bathroom wall,” Elsberry’s personal thread which he introduced as you can see. Try to make sense of what you discover there and try to find out who the posters are. Good luck!

21. John A. Davison - August 19, 2011


Here is Pee Zee Myres at his worst. He is belaboring Rick Perry because Perry has come out in favor of Intelligent Design. Believing in a designed evolution does not mean that one does not believe in evolution. This is typical of the kind of warped thinking that devout atheists like Myers, Moran and Dawkins all employ. I would include Elsberry but he insists he is a Christian and a Darwinian too. I asked Elsberry long ago what role his Christian God played in the Darwinian scheme. No answer has ever surfaced.

I have always accepted a designed universe as a given from which all of science must proceed. Why the ID crowd ever introduced such a fundamental as a subject for debate I will never understand. One does not debate the basis for all of science. The Myers/Moran/Dawkins/Elsberry consortium of atheist Darwinian mysticism denies what was obvious to every great scientist since Galileo. The laws which explain the inanimate world were written long ago and have been largely discovered. We can be certain that similar laws will explain the living world. There has never been a role for chance in any aspect of the history of the cosmos. That is my position as it was Einstein’s –

“Everything is determined… by forces over whih we have no control.”

These voices of denigration and hate have never contributed a scintilla of understanding to the great mysteries of ontogeny and phylogeny because they have always known what the causes were – the natural selection of randomly generated changes in the germinal lineages.

I will let Leo Berg speak for the opposition.

“The struggle for existence and natural selection are not progressive agencies, but being, on the contrary, conservative, maintain the standard,”
Nomogenesis, page 406

22. John A. Davison - August 28, 2011


I see Pee Zee Myers is now attacking Ann Coulter for questioning Darwinian evolution. You would think Myers would have better sense than to go after someone with Coulter’s native intelligence and intellectual clout. Myers is degeneratig further into the hidebound atheist bigot he has always been. The notion of a purposeful world is beyond his comprehension so all he can do is attack those who accept it.

He is pathetic.

23. John A. Davison - September 2, 2011


Pee Zee Myers starts this tirade off by telling everyone that “the American education system is a mess,” blaming its failures on the right wingers. This is vintage Myers, what he does best, which is to attack and denigrate the American system every chance he gets. Having abandoned science with Richard Dawkins, they both now do everything in their power to destroy the roots of Western Civilization and the unique features of a free society. Unable to achieve as scientists they both now denigrate the very society which allows them that opportunity. You can just imagine what such words would evoke in Castro’s Cuba or Communist China.

I am delighted to respond to his spiteful charge as follows. There is little evidence that any “education system” has ever played much of a role in producing useful members of society. The whole concept of a superior system of education is silly. There is no such thing! As a matter of fact, the more rigorous and formalized an educational system becomes, the less likely it is to produce a successful result.

Once the three Rs, Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmetic are reasonably mastered, all subsequent progress is largely up to the student. This was impressed on me when I was reading the obligatory teaching evaluations we administered for our students at the end of each term when I was teaching at the University of Vermont. Those evaluations were anonymous and ran the gamut in the way the students evaluated this professor. Some liked me and some hated me and I am sure other University Professors have had the same reception.

One evaluation, which was extremely short, read –

“He made me want to learn.”

There is no greater compliment that can be granted to any teacher than those six words.

If the American educational system is so poor as Myers insists, then why is it that Americans lead the world in science as well as in many other areas of scholarship? The answer is simple. It is because our system lacks regimentation, that’s why!

Not that we have such a great educational system because we don’t. Ours is one of the worst because it is dominated by powerful unions which are little more than Communist fronts. The Department of Education would be the first to disappear if we had any common sense. It is partly because we have a shabby system that we have so many successful products. Disgusted with their experience, many bright students abandon formal education to succeed on their own initiatives. This comes under the category of what Arnold Toynbee called –

“The virtues of adversity.”

The best educational experiences are apprenticeships in which the student learns directly by observing a mentor. All trades fall into this category including Medicine and Dentistry as well as much of laboratory, experimental science.

The whole notion of education is a myth. There is only learning and only those who want to learn ever will. The best that any teacher can ever hope for is summarized by what that anonymous student of mine declared –

“He made me want to learn.”

The best students don’t need even that. They can’t be stopped however bad their experience may have been. They were “prescribed” to be successful. In short –

“EVERYTHING is determined…by forces over which we have no control.”
Albert Einstein, my quite unnecessary emphasis in caps.

“The average person would rather face torture and death than think.”
Bertrand Russell

That is my response to Paul Zachary Myers, nabob of negativity and character assassin extraordinaire. Of one thing you can be certain. He will never acknowledge it. He is a coward. I established that long ago.

P.S. I emailed this message to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism.”

(modified and edited, later in the day).
I often edit my efforts, sometimes much later.

24. John A. Davison - September 4, 2011


Here we see “Pee Zee” Myers making the fatal mistake of taking on Ann Coulter who is making a “monkey out of him” with stone cold reasoning. I especially like her description of Darwinians as “Darwiniacs.” I prefer “Darwimps” myself based on their cowardly refusal to acknowledge their adversaries. Coulter may not be a biologist but you don’t have to be one to see through Darwinian mysticism.

You’re a loser Myers and so is Dawkins, your alter ego across the pond!

It doesn’t get any better than this.

I love it so!

P.S. This message waa emailed to the “Big 4 of Darwinian damned foolishness.”

In an attempt to make the cowards respond, I signed off with –

“Enjoy yourselves, if you get my drift!” (in red).

I know that seems crude, but I am tired of being ignored by moral and ethical trash. I have no intention of letting up on these creeps, no matter what the rest of you do!

Got that? Write that down!

25. John A. Davison - September 5, 2011

There is no question that Paul Zachary Myers, Clinton Richard Dawkins, Wesley Royce Elsberry and Laurence A. Moran all exhibit superior intelligence. It shows in their writings. However we must remember Feynman’s warning –

“It doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment it’s wrong.”

Einstein added an important ingredient –

“It is abhorrent to me when a fine intelligence is paired with a unsavory character.”

Is there a more unsavory character alive than Paul Zachary Myers? And what can be said about the character of any human being who refuses to respond to his adversaries?

This message emailed to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism.”

26. John A. Davison - September 18, 2011

I just posted a very important message on “Brainstorms” forum and I urge all my (very few) visitors to read it.

It is the terminal comment on the following link –


I would have copied it but that is impossible so I can only present it as a link. Please be sure to digest the full meaning of my comments there.

It is my present opinion, based on what is going on, that I have been deliberately isolated and ignored, most likely by William Dembski, the originator of “brainstorms” forum. This should surprise no one as I have been denied any voice on Uncommon Descent, his personal website. Indeed, under the new format there, I see no reference to our work anywhere. We used to be referenced on the side bar. Fortunately, the old links provided by DaveScot still lead to my papers. They may be found under “Published Works” at the top of my introductory page. Thank you DaveScot (David Springer).

I am also persona non grata at Discovery Institute where Dembski is a senior member.

27. John A. Davison - September 20, 2011


This link is very revealing because it illustrates how much Richard Dawkins has slipped even in the eyes of Pee Zee Myers’ fan club. Only two comments since September 19, 2011! Dawkins is praised for attacking orthodoxy when his is the greatest orthodoxy of them all – Darwinian evolution through natural selection.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Paul Zachary Myers, Wesley Royce Elsberry, Laurence A. Moran and Clinton Richard Dawkins, the four primary surviving promoters of the biggest and most long lived hoax in the history of science!

It doesn’t get any better than this.

P.S. This message emailed to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism.”


It is my conviction that the only way we will ever force the Darwinista to recognize us is by continuous unrelenting harassment. Accordingly, I now provide their email contact addresses so that others can do what I have been doing for quite some time.

Here they are:
thecrew@pandasthumb.org (Elsberry’s contact and Pee Zee Myers’ as well since they cofounded Panda’s Thumb).

If others refuse to join us, I will have to conclude –

“If you ain’t fer us yer agin us.”


You can prove your loyalty by providing me with a link to your message.

28. John A. Davison - September 23, 2011

So far no links have been received.

Edit added September 26, 2011. Still no links.

29. John A. Davison - September 25, 2011

Did William Bateson, the father of modern genetics, have any supporters when he challenged Darwinism? Did Pierre Grasse have any supporters when he did the same? Did Leo Berg, Robert Broom, Otto Schindewolf, St. George Mivart, Henry Fairfield Osborn, or Richard B. Goldschmidt?; were any of these recognized by the ruling Darwinista or by any objective community of scholars? The answer is no! The devastations which these people brought upon the Darwinian hoax have always been ignored by an arrogant, domineering collection of atheist ideologues, who, unable to counter reality, chose to be bullies and drown their adversaries with stony silence or denigration.

I am proud to join the real scientists who have had the integrity to defy the majority, to interpret the animate world objectively, free of the shackles of bigotry which has always been the hallmark of the Darwinian faithful. They are impotent because their congenital atheist predispositions render them unfit to wear the mantle of scientist.

So to all who visit this blog I say – remain silent, don’t disturb the status quo, don’t torment our adversaries as I do, don’t reproduce my devastating essay – “Natural Selection: The Achilles Heel of Darwinism” and don’t buy my book “Unpublished Evolution Papers of John A. Davison,” the most devastating exposure of the Darwinian hoax ever assembled under a single cover. Stay out of the most important conflict in the history of biological science, the means by which we came to be. Go back to bed and be sure to turn off your alarm clocks.

In your smug, pathetic, armchair apathy, ask yourselves this question – How may supporters did Gregor Mendel have during the four decades that elapsed before the significance of his work was finally recognized?

So if you ain’t fer me, and you obviously ain’t, as far as I am concerned yer agin me. It is as simple as that. Stay the hell away from my weblog. I no longer have any use for any of you, except Terry Tainor, my only remaining declared ally.

“The applause of a single human being is of great consequence”
Samuel Johnson

“The strongest man on earth is he who stands alone.”
Henrik Ibsen

Such a man was Gregor Mendel who had this to say –

“Meine Zeit wird schon kommen!

Our time will surely come as well!

It doesn’t get any better than this.

P.S. The above message was sent to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism” with copies to several others, among them some of the most conservative figures on the contemporary scene.

30. John A. Davison - October 13, 2011


Pee Zee Myers continues to defend Dawkins’ absurd proposals, one crazy book after another, each more bizarre than its predecessor with the most recent written for children.

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

There is nothing that can be done for these two. They insist on destroying their credibility. I say the more power to them!

“Science commits suicide when she adopts a creed.”
Thomas Henry Huxley

It doesn’t get any better than this.

P.S. This message emailed to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism” and Stuart Campbell.

31. John A. Davison - November 1, 2011

I call attention to my message #683 on this “Why Banishment?” thread. There you will find a link to my only contribution to richarddawkins.net, a discusssion which went on for 28 pages and terminated with my banishment. I believe that thread – “God or Gods are now dead but must have once existed” produced more visits during its short life than any other thread in the history of internet communication. The title was deliberately provocative in order to get it accepted. Let me add that no one, not even Richard Dawkins, knows anything about Gods.

Unable to deal with me as I countered every argument they produced, they finally had to banish me for life, an achievement I regard with great satisfaction. The exchange began October12, 2006 and ended October 21, 2006 with my banishment. My friend Martin Cadra asked that the thread be reopened to no avail.

I am amazed that Dawkins or his cronies have not erased that naked demonstration of blind ideology so I recommend that you read all 28 pages of it to see how a real scientist is treated by the Darwinista. Hurry as it may soon disappear now that I have resurrected it from oblivion.

32. John A. Davison - November 6, 2011

I am also pleased that Paul Zachary Myers, character assassin extraordinaire, has kept his appraisal of me intact on his “Dungeon” page, what he proudly calls his “Kill File.”


Myers also did his best to destroy my friend Martin Cadra as you can plainly see.

This is just to remind “Pee Zee” Myers that John A. Davison and Martin Cadra are still very much alive and are pleased to remind everyone about the character of the host of Pharyngula and the co-host of Panda’s Thumb, two of the few surviving bastions of Darwinian mysticism.

I love it so!

33. John A. Davison - November 16, 2011

Below are the two most recent responses I have received from Stuart Campbell, a graduate student at Cornell and the only Darwinian to date that has been stupid enough to publicly ridicule both the Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis (PEH) and my Semi-Meiotic Hypothesis (SMH) both of which are in perfect accord with what we really know from the fossil record and the transparent testimony of the experimental laboratory. All the rest are terrified to even mention my name.

It is hard to believe isn’t it?

t doesn’t get any better than this.

“one or more Neandertal female ancestors”… John, you saucy little…

but you’re hopeless, really hopeless. “Like a dog with a bone, the Bergist refuses to abandon the most absurd, untested notions (not even hypotheses) in the history of science”.

Also, a statement of fact cannot be insolent.

And, thank you for taking the bait re: sheep and showing just how ignorant you are about inferring “ancestry” from extant, evolving taxa. See? Now THAT’S insolent.

You can be inclined to believe anything you want. Just don’t expect to be taken seriously when “anything” includes female Neandertals spontaneously and repeatedly popping out modern humans…perhaps you read some of that research showing that Neandertals and modern humans interbred, and got a boner? whoops, I’m being insolent again.

34. John A. Davison - November 16, 2011

Of course, what Stuart Campbell fails to understand is that only once does a female organism have to reproduce semi-meiotically for a new species to be instantly produced. The new species can then spread by typical bisexual (Mendelian) means as I have explained elsewhere, notably in my book -“Unpublished Evolution Papers of John A. Davison,” (Lulu publishers).

“You can lead a man to the literature but you cannot make him comprehend it.”
(after the horse who refused to drink).

“Ignorance is bliss.”

P.S. After exposing Campbell as the nasty little blowhard that he is, he had to once again respond to me in an email as follows –

oooooooooooohhh….john FINALLY makes good on what I had long given up on – he posts some comments from someone besides himself on his “blog.”

We’ll see how long that lasts…

I have exposed other potty mouthed ethical degenerates in the past but Stuart Campbell is a special case, using his real name. I hoped to protect Stuart Campbell from himself, but he is bound and determined to destroy his reputation by behaving in a thoroughly unprofessional fashion time after time. He should learn from his heroes who are all terrified of our science which is why they remain silent as we continue to prove that everything they believe is utter nonsense.

35. John A. Davison - November 16, 2011

Attempts are underway to shut down this weblog so don’t be surprised if I suddenly disappear from cyberspace. This is a further manifestation of the insecurity, cowardice and intellectual panic of our adversaries. We have damaged them beyond repair so there is nothing that they can now do to resurrect the most ridiculous proposition in the history of science.

36. John A. Davison - November 16, 2011

Imagine this folks.

“Someone” has requested that I change the password to my WordPress account. Now who could that “someone” be I wonder? Naturally I have no intention of complying with such a transparent attempt to cause trouble for me and this blog. Incidentally, and this is just for Stuart Campbell, “blog” is not a synonym for “Forum.” Any fool would know that this weblog is a record of my activities as a scientist and citizen as I have made very clear in my introductory page. “The Proceedings of the Natural History Society of South Burlington (Vermont)” is a Journal, not a Forum. Real Forums are very rare on the internet. Most of them are “groupthinks” headed by egomaniacal ideologues who have managed to attract a number of intellectual sheep to their particular brand of pseudoscience. Typical examples are “Panda’s Thumb,” “EvC,” “After The Bar Closes,” “richarddawkins.net,” “Uncommon Descent,” “Sandwalk,” “Scientopia” and “Pharyngula,” not one of which qualifies as a “Forum” and every one of which have banished me fom participation. Forums do not ban members from discussions. They welcome them.

Forum – “A public meeting place for open discussion.”
American Heritage Dictionary

This message emailed to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism” and Stuart Campbell.

37. John A. Davison - November 17, 2011

Below is another attempt by Stuart Campbell to insult me and my sources on this weblog. While I did not allow it to appear, I copied it so you can all appreciate the complete absence of awareness of the scientific literature which Mr. Campbell here demonstrates.


Submitted on 2011/11/16 at 12:46 pm
ooooohhhh…..but can I reply directly, or will I have to be pre-screened first?

first, semi-meiosis does not exist.

second, you can’t build theory on the back of something that does not exist.

third, I “understood” in literal sense, all of your self-published unpublished papers – they’re just wrong. You have never shown semi-meiosis to be real. In many ways, semi-meiosis takes on a mystical quality to you.

you should be wary of mysticism. it seems to have ruined you.
To claim that “semi-meiosis does not exist” renders Mr. Campbell an illiterate buffoon completely ignorant of a literature that has existed for a hundred years. I would recommend that he read my Manifesto if I thought it could possibly dissuade him from his idiotic statements. Stuart Campbell is a poster boy for what Cornell and most other Universities continue to produce, arrogant, mindless disciples of the most failed proposition in the history of science. That such a mentality could be awarded a Doctorate in biological science should terrify every observer of the current academic scene. Atheist inspired Darwinism has assumed a dominance without parallel in the history of science. As long as our Universities continue to promote such a perfectly failed paradigm, evolutionary science will continue to be seriously impaired.

I have abandoned any further efforts to protect Mr. Campbell from himself and will continue to present his pathetic ravings as a lesson to others who might be tempted to do the same. So far he is the only Darwinian willing to display himself on my weblog. In the meantime, I recommend that Cornell reconsider his candidacy for a Ph.D. in Biological Science.

This message emailed to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism” and Stuart Campbell.

38. John A. Davison - November 27, 2011

Stuart Campbell continues to heap insults on me. When I assured him that I would air his nasty comments on my weblog, here was his immediate response –

“i can’t wait Professor of Incompetence Emeritus.”

Here are some of his earlier comments on our science.

“you’re delusional, there’s really no other explanation.”

“The problem is, you pose only a trivial threat to the public perception of evolution. Too bad, it might be more stimulating, if you were smarter and/or less senile.”

Campbell is now attacking Peter Borger as well. Earlier he launched a nasty attack on Terry Trainor.

As I have reminded him, he is all alone and shares his vitriol with no one else. He seems to be unaware that he has no allies or maybe he doesn’t even care. It is really sad to see a young man so possessed. It does serve a good purpose however by reminding us of the intractable nature of our Darwinian adversaries.

P.S. This meassage emailed to the Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism and their most ardent representative, Stuart Campbell.

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